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Level maps in PC Doom II: Hell on Earth. Back to: DoomMaps index / DoomHelp page / ClassicDOOM home page. 01, ENTRYWAY: Level map. Back to top. Maps from Doom II. Zone (Doom II) · MAP Gotcha! (Doom II) · MAP Suburbs (Doom II) · MAP Tricks and Traps (Doom II) · MAP Grosse (Doom II ). Doom II: Hell on Earth, released on September 30, , is the first sequel to Doom. The initial third of the maps have a techbase theme as the player moves .

Hello there! It's my new remake of original Doom II maps. There are dynamic lights only and a lot of new features now. Some places or elements were reworked. 14 Apr Featuring 32 levels in a single linear episode, Doom II continues 3D appears in a cameo in two secret levels which reproduce maps from. 37 bScore Rating 1 vote views 2 posts 10mo. Custom Doom WAD: Toxic Cave · DOOMII - Doom II. Game. Doom II. Other/Misc · Dr. MeeM avatar.

The same program used to render the Doom maps was used to render these 32 Doom II maps. The WAD format is virtually identical. The maps are rotated 29 Jul A group of Doom II modders have reimagined id's classic shooter in a by drawing inspiration from the names of the game's original 32 maps. But the other Sandy Petersen maps do not really come that far behind. There's very little quality to be found in his output for Doom 2 in general.


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