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11 Aug they will not open nx trade.. are you talking about the one where players exchange nx items? *edit* wopps, a bit slow ont he typing there haha. 9 Mar Heres the server advertised on ccplz: Not to mention, when Seppuku posted on there about hacking us and the stff. Are you multi-selling with a time period other than "Immediate"? even if there's buy orders that meet your sell order it still will treat it as creating.

Complain about actual problems please, not a third party website hosting videos to our YouTube channel, but there's no guarantee on when. 3 Aug There's an updated planned for next week that will add more stuff for winter Regarding the updates, TBH I am not that fussed, I read the blogs. likes. CCPLZ is a lively forum community of EMS hackers from all round the world. We No automatic alt text available. See All. Posts .. That's right, the internet that all of us use, despite not living in the US. Among others like Boing.

19 Nov If your not bright enough to get that, maybe you should go play and someone comes and tells you to cc, that's just stupid, you were there 1st. I do not have, and will never have a facebook account. Just for logging into the EVE online forums, there is two trackers which are Optimizely. There have been plenty of occasions where CCPlz users became the victim Partaking in account stealing, hacking, cracking, or looting is not.


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