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Oda Nobunaga was a powerful daimyō (feudal lord) of Japan in the late 16th century who attempted to unify Japan during the late Sengoku period, and  Akechi Mitsuhide - Oda Nobuhide - Nobunari Oda - Oda Nobutada. Oda Nobunaga, original name Kichihōshi, later Saburō, (born , Owari province, Japan—died June 21, , Kyōto), Japanese warrior and government . 15 Sep Nobunaga was born the heir to the Oda clan in He was his father Nobuhide's second son, but his elder brother Nobuhiro was illegitimate.

13 Feb Once called “the fool of Owari,” Oda Nobunaga would eventually be known as the first “great unifier” of Japan. With his military brilliance and. 12 Feb Oda Nobunaga (織田 信長; original name Kichihoshi, later Saburo) (June 23, – June 21, ) was a major daimyo during the Sengoku. A page for describing UsefulNotes: Oda Nobunaga. Credited as being the first of the Three Unifiers of modern Japan, Nobunaga was one of Japan's most .

16 Nov The ruthless samurai Oda Nobunaga conquered much of 16th Century Japan during sengoku-jidai: the 'Age of the Country at War'. Oda Nobunaga: read about the life and times of the legendary warlord Oda Nobunaga 10 Jun Learn how Japanese warrior Oda Nobunaga unified Japan under the rule of the shogun on


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