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JROCK NEWS' goal is to provide up to date news to Jrock fans around over the world with our international team of dedicated and passionate writers. Leetspeak monsters *Mini-Album* Mixtured night between Life and Death [ ]. May 15th. gの誤算 *Single* Astraea no Nyuumetsu []. ‎May - ‎Mar - ‎May - ‎Sep 24 Jun To mark Japanese band Alice Nine's concert at The Coliseum on 28 June , here's a primer to what 'Visual Kei' is. From the land best.

J-Rock and Visual Kei TWITTER DU BLOG • Слот • ミサルカ • 蒼-AO- &#. 17 Aug Today, we'd like to introduce an interesting band which mixes Japanese traditional culture with pop culture. Visual-kei is one of the many. 4 Mar There are a few points that match up the Visual-kei “con” well with patterns of the larger Japanese music industry that we know exist.

26 Oct This effeminate look is one of the reasons visual kei has recently captivated overseas audiences, as band members closely resemble the. 16 May Uniting People Through Music: An Interview with MIYAVI Visual Kei Band ACME Announces First Full Album & Lauches Official Facebook. Members from ex-LONDBOY and ex-Dangan NO LIMIT are back in a new band called zero[Hz] (pronounced as “zero hertz”) under BP RECORDS label. They [.


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